Military Surplus – German – 308 Win – 148 Grain – FMJ – 20 Rounds

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Military Surplus – German – 308 Win – 148 Grain – FMJ – 20 Rounds

This 308 Winchester ammunition is German Military surplus, manufactured by Chemnitzer Sportwaffen und Munitionsfabrik GmbH and is believed to be 1990’s production.  This brass cased ammunition is Berdan primed so it is not recommended for reloading. The projectiles are magnetic so you will not be able to shoot them indoors. This is due to the copper-nickel alloy coating on the projectile which gives it a unique color. The ammunition is lead core and comes in 20 round boxes or 1,000 round cases.

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1 review for Military Surplus – German – 308 Win – 148 Grain – FMJ – 20 Rounds

  1. wmbdad (verified owner)

    At first glance this ammo is pretty scary. There are multiple cosmetic issues because the ammo was not stored in a proper facility or in water tight cans. There are spots of green corrosion, surface mold, and really bad tarnish. But, if you can take the time to look deeper, these are really a treasure. I started with a quick wipe down, followed by some spot rubbing on the corrosion. Next was an overnight swirl in the tumbler with polish additives. In the morning they looked like someone had replaced them with new X Tac ammo. Bright and shiny with no pitting or stains. I tried them out in 2 different types of rifles. The custom DPMS Bull barrel with a Nikon scope ate them up. No FTE or FTF. All 200 went out on time. Accuracy wise they held a 3″ group at 150 yards. The next rifle was a HK 91 with an X Products drum. My son and I took turns verifying the accuracy. With open HK sights we were able to get a consistent 3 ” group at 100 yards with no failures.At the end of the day we ran the balance of the next 200 rounds at max pace using the 50 round drum. It got so hot the drum was smoking, but the ammo kept up. We fired 180 rounds as fast as the rifle would fire. Again, no failures. Not even minor. This is great ammo for your next desert trip. The best part is not paying $ .75 a round to do it.

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