Venom Red Dot 3 Moa

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5/5 Stars Date: May 31, 2018 Mounted on My MOS Glock made a hell of a difference ! Reviewed by: Justin P

Didnt feel like spending $550 on a Trij RMR was a good idea when I didnt know how I was going to feel about using a red dot on a pistol. Picked up this for the prices to get into the red dot world and was blown away! The glass is clear and high quality, dot is bright and easy to see, housing unit feels quality and rugged. The difference between using standard sights and this optic are night an day. It is much easier to see the target even with my bad eyes. I can get back on target much faster, and I can be more accurate with my follow up shots. I dont see a reason to spend over twice as much for an RMR when the Vortex works this well! I would suggest bringing another battery to the range when you go, the life is nice but it doesnt get dim when the battery is low, it stays nice and bright the whole time, and when its out - its out. Spare on deck will save you a headache.

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