Wolf Gold 223 55 Grain Ammo Review


Kyle with True Shot here to review the Wolf Gold 223 full metal jacket 55 grain ammunition available at trueshotgunclub.com
Wolf Performance Ammunition is a leader in top quality ammunition at affordable prices. Known for manufacturing steel ammunition, Wolf has continued its legacy with their Wolf Gold line which is brass cased. Wolf also sells under the Wolf Performance, Polyformance and Military Classic brands.

Let’s Start With The Specs:

1. Wolf Gold 223 55 grain ammo is brass cased with a full metal copper jacket, making it safe to shoot indoors,
2. This ammo produces Muzzle velocity of 3,240 feet per second.
3. This is boxer primed so the brass is reloadable.
4. We sell this product in cases of 1,000 rounds, 500 rounds with an ammo can and in boxes of 20 rounds.

Now let’s talk about what we like about this ammunition:

1. When we first started selling Wolf Gold 223, customers would constant ask us, is this stuff any good? After selling millions of rounds and shooting it through our AR’s, we are happy to report that this product has been nothing shy of perfect. No failures or issues, our guns consistently eat this Wolf 223 up. We have shot it full-auto and semi auto and it does nothing but consistently impress us. We have also found the Wolf ammo to be as accurate as any other brand of 223 that we have tested.
2. Unlike the wolf steel ammo, their Gold line features a full metal jacket made of copper, so its safe to shoot at indoor ranges.
3. The Price, above and beyond the stellar performance, this is our top selling 223 round because it’s a great value.


The Bad:

1. While the projectile is lead, the jacket is a bimetal, which means you likely cannot shoot this at indoor ranges. But if you’re shooting outdoors this is a great round.
2. We know a lot of people like to reload but steel cased ammunition is not reloadable.

The Verdict:

Simply put, the Wolf Gold 223 is awesome. Great accuracy, reliability, and price have made this the most popular 223 ammo we sell! Plus, Wolf Ammunition has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning, if you are not fully satisfied, Wolf will refund your money on the unused portion of the ammunition, so what have you got to lose?
If you’re looking to order this product or any other, please visit our website at trueshotgunclub.com, call us at (888)736-6587 Or, if you prefer, you can email us at [email protected]
Thanks for joining us on this review of the Wolf Gold 223 55 grain full metal jacket ammunition, I’m Kyle, reminding you; to keep shooting.

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